Instructions to make your own chef's hat.

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Let's see where France and La Bonne Vache are located. Can you find France on a map? Here's a hint: it's shaped like a pentagon, a shape with five sides, and is located on the western edge of Europe.

Try your hand at all kinds of outlandish chef games!

Check out the different kinds of foods you can find in Normandy, located in northwestern France. 

As Pierre rides his bicycle under the chestnut trees he
imagines a chestnut soufflé. When he passes a wood he thinks
of the little morilles, the tasty mushrooms that grow there.

A pair of goats look to him like a very large goat cheese. On the green
leaves of the vineyard he pictures the delicious escargots, the snails,
nibbling away. To Pierre, all the world is one big beautiful meal.

A car stops and the driver calls to Pierre, “I am a stranger to these
parts. Can you tell me, young man, where I can find La Bonne Vache?”

Pierre leans into the car to give directions to his family’s restaurant.
On the seat next to the man he glimpses a paper that says “Inspection
Form.” On the form is the name of the famous company that awards
stars to restaurants. If the restaurant is very, very, very good it
receives a star and people from all over go there to eat. Inspectors
test the restaurant by having a meal there, but there is a strict rule
that the identity of the inspector must never be revealed.

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