Elena's Story

Elena's StoryA trip to the Guatemalan highlands made me think about how much we take for granted—electricity, clean drinking water, abundant food, entertainment on screens in our homes, buying lots of stuff, easy access to books—everyday activities that many people do without. I admired how hard people in Guatemala worked, and how they held onto their traditions while facing modern demands... LEARN MORE!

The People of Twelve Thousand Winters

The People of Twelve Thousand WintersLong before the Europeans arrived in what is now Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Delaware, well-organized groups of people hunted and cultivated these lands. Known to us as the Lenni Lenape... LEARN MORE!

The Boy Who Wanted to Cook

Owls CallYoung Pierre lives in the French countryside with his father, a chef and his mother, a pastry chef. Pierre's parents think he is too young to cook. He honors their parents' wishes, but is determined to demonstrate that he too is ready to be a great chef... LEARN MORE!

Megan's Year

Megan's YearHistorically, Irish travelers were a nomadic people of ethnic Irish origin. They have maintained a unique culture, language, and lifestyle. The Travelers compose a small minority of the population in Ireland... LEARN MORE!



In contemporary Mali, a country in West Africa, a little girl named Yatandou explains how a simple machine changes her life and the lives of all of the women and children in her village...LEARN MORE!

Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers

Yuki Before becoming the industrial giant it is today, Japan was, for centuries, isolated from the outside world. From the 10th to the early 19th century Japan was govverned by powerful territorial lords (also known as shōgun) who ruled most of Japan from their headquarters in Edo (present-day Tokyo)... LEARN MORE!

The Gift of the Inuksuk

InuksukThe Arctic Circle is the region surrounding the North Pole. It includes parts of Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland, Alaska and the Arctic Ocean. Canada’s northern region is also apart of the Arctic Circle... LEARN MORE!

Waiting for the Owl's Call

Owls CallTurkmenistan, a neighbor of Afghanistan, is a country rich in cultural traditions. Artisans from this region have produced stunning ornamental tiles and mosaics, and skillfully woven rugs. For a Turkmen, carpet making has the same importance as the pyramids do for Egypt... LEARN MORE!