"A trip to the Guatemalan highlands made me think about how much we take for granted -- electricity, clean drinking water, abundant food, entertainment on screens in our homes, buying lots of stuff, easy access to books -- everyday activities that many people do without. I admired how hard people in Guatemala worked, and how they held onto their traditions while facing modern demands."

Author, Nancy Shaw

The rooster crowed, and I woke up. 

I pulled myself out of bed and worked my huipil over my head. I stepped into my corte and tucked the blouse into it. The huipil is as red as a burstingtomato. The corte is blue-black like the beginning of night. I tied a rainbow-striped sash around my waist to hold it up. The colors usually made me glow, but not this morning. I was behind on my homework, and it was report-card day at my school.

Mama speaks mostly our Mayan language, and she never learned to read. Papa speaks more Spanish, but he works far away, on a plantation. In school we study Spanish. It's hard for me, but I like the stories.

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