Inuit artisans in Canada’s Arctic regions use raw materials that are found on the land or from the sea. Since there are no trees in the Arctic tundra, wood was never an option as a raw material for Inuit sculpture and art. Instead, the Inuit artisans use whatever is in good supply locally. Stone is the most common used material for Inuit sculpture, followed by animal bone and ivory.

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Many lives ago, an Inuit girl dashed through a land of snow and stones and caribou and stars. She was small and inquisitive and always, always running. Her father said she reminded him of the arctic hare, the ukaliq. From that day, she was known as Ukaliq.

Ukaliq loved to be outside where she could juggle and wrestle with her brothers and sisters. Her feet would barely touch the thin grass that cloaked the earth in summer or winter's blanket of snow.

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