Singing and reciting poetry was a traditional form of entertainment for Travelers. Listen to Traveler songs (be sure to scroll down the page once connected).

View photos of the traditional lifestyle of Travelers.

Horses were used to pull the barrel wagons through the Irish countryside and horse dealing was a favorite occupation. The piebald horses were the favored horse of the Travelers. View photos of one of the oldest horse fairs in Ireland.



For longer than anyone can remember our folks have wandered the roads
of Ireland. When Daddy was a boy he lived in a barrel wagon drawn by a
horse. I’d like that better than our old caravan that breaks down all the time.

The garda tells us to move along. The buffers laugh at us and call us tinkers.
“Tinkers” is a name they give us because we Travelers used to go from village
to village to repair tin kettles and buckets.

Like me, Daddy is happiest on the road. You know all about the place
where you are, but what’s ahead can be anything you want it to be, so there’s
never any bad in it.

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