I am a librarian at the East Lansing Public Library and I think these books are beautiful. I speak to teachers (as part of an organization of teachers and international students at MSU - and students who are training to be teachers and I plan to show them these. Can you tell me how and why you started this series? How do you choose the countries you do? What kind of research do the authors have to do? What upcoming countries are you thinking of? Would you ever come to talk about this series to our international group? Thanks for your time, Mary Hennessey,


Based on the success of our Discover America State-by-State series, we decided to expand the format with the Discover the World series. One of our goals is to include information into the books that will be useful for classroom instruction as well as enjoyed by children and families at home. We carefully select the countries based on curriculum needs, author and illustrator expertise and longevity. We want to be certain that the material included remain current post publication. Future releases include the Scandanavian countries, France, and India.

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